The dirty little secret of getting things right.

There are a lot of barriers that yourself & others use to limit your own human capacity.
I would say the number one barrier is the mental roadblocks that people put in place–which sabotage your own success, and your own potential. As a young person, you don’t really know what your potential is. Right? You don’t know enough about the world to tell me, or anyone, that you wouldn’t be a good UI designer because you haven’t tried–so you have no idea. (unless you’ve actually done that thing and failed). 

The most potent roadblock for future startup engineers and imagineers and creators and big-friendly-giants is the ability to say “I can’t”. 

Because, what can you actually do? There’s no reason to reject the notion that you can do something unless you’ve actually proven via evidence or experience that you cannot.

Let me tell you something, in startups:

You only have to be right–once. One time. That’s it. 


So try things.

The second biggest roadblock is the question: “what is going to happen if I fail”? First off, let’s not wallow in self-doubt here. Get your mind out of the negativity gutter.

What’s the worst thing that’s going to happen if you fail? Will you die?
If not, then you have no reason not to try.


The takeaway:

Don’t care, and love it.


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